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About Me

I am a highly motivated, experienced showrunner and director with real-world experience in film, TV series, documentary, and reality television. I thrive under pressure, enjoy responsibility, pride myself on my capacity to work well with others and have a reputation among those I work with for getting things done. I’m passionate about the art of visual storytelling and the principles and techniques which drive it.

Key Skills

Editing Software:

Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro



Final Draft, Microsoft Office, Pro Tools, Windows, Mac OS, Wordpress



TV Series, Narrative Fiction, Feature Fil, On-Set Crew, Non-Linear Editing

Select Experience

2010 - 2018
Freelance – Producer, Editor, Script Consultant, Production Assistant

Over the past ten years in the US and Australia, I’ve excelled in a variety of roles including:


  • 2017-2018) Developing feature scripts One Flew Away (US) and The Brazillians (AUS)

  • (2017-2018) Story producer for Melbourne feature documentary BAM BAM

  • (2016-2018) Worked in various on-set roles including script supervisor, story producer, and assistant

    to the director for Australian documentaries, web series, and features

  • (2016) Script editor for feature narrative film Might Cause Miracles

  • (2016) Production consultant for short foreign-language film “The Immigrant”

  • (2015) Assistant to Producers for NBC reality series The Voice (US)

  • (2015) Directed digital media for multimedia theatre production

  • (2014) Assistant Story Producer for Gordon Ramsey's Hotel Hell

  • (2013-2015) Worked as crew on music videos, spec commercials, EPKs, and short films

  • (2012) Lead PA for VH1 reality series. Worked directly with PM. Trained as assistant story producer.

  • (2011-2013) Produced and crewed features and shorts for Refuge Films, including feature documentary Street Pulse and award-winning short documentary “Because It's Small.”

  • 2011) Worked as on-set editor for Hulu's first original narrative series Battleground.

  • 2010 – 2011) Edited award-winning feature documentary Wrestling for Jesus for Fourth Line Films

  • (2010) Worked as AV editor / assistant producer for national pop culture magazine PASTE

  • (2007-2009) Wrote and pitched concepts, directed video for University video department. 2nd Unit Director for web series. Directed and edited weekly SNL-style webisodes.


2018 - 2019
Real Melbourne – Director

Principle director for ongoing web series written by local writer Justin Edbrooke.


  • Worked with writer to tighten scripts, communicate around tone and shooting style

  • Together with showrunner, did all shot listing, storyboarding, and table reads

  • Directed all casting, location decisions, principle photography, and edits

2018 - 2019
The Fort – Producer

Produced feature film shooting in and around Melbourne. Principle photography completed.


  • Preproduction responsibilities included budgeting, hiring the crew, obtaining sponsors, renting equipment and locations, approving all purchases and scheduling

  • Worked as 1AD for the entirety of the shoot

  • Currently involved in editing and all post-production decisions

Phi and Me – Director

Directed all five episodes for the first season of web series based on the award-winning play by Diana Nguyen.


  • Worked with the writer to tweak and polish episodes in the leadup to rehearsal and shooting

  • Determined tone and aesthetic for series, worked with DOP to achieve a 90s look

  • Directed several stylistic scenes including ultra-slo-mo, montage, and dream sequence

  • Helped choreograph, directed martial arts fight scene

Neighborhood Watch – Director

Directed episodes one and four of a six-episode season.


  • Worked with showrunner to develop the series' tone and set the tone in the pilot episode

  • Worked with DOP and other directors to make sure series' ton was consistent throughout

  • Very involved in post-production, directing pickups and working closely with the editor for my episodes

Love, Automated – Director

Directed futuristic short film with over 60 special effect shots.


  • Went on multiple location scouts with the production designer, DOP, and VFX technicians to determine set dressing and camera/lens setups to best enable future visual effects

  • Worked closely with VFX technicians to ensure that everything was shot in a way which would allow specials effects to be seamlessly integrated in post

  • Directed multiple shots with practical Special Effects, including a self-refilling coffee cup, and running one long shot backward to reverse it in post and make it look natural ("Drop" Style)

The Apocalypse will be Automated – Writer, Director, co-producer

Wrote and directed zombie black comedy which incorporates modern technology and classic zombie tropes.


  • Was involved in all production decisions from location choice to social media promotions

  • Led casting call, table reads, and rehearsals

  • Directed all lighting, blocking, and performances

  • Noms & Awards include: Best Screenplay, Best Comedy, Best Horror, Best Australian Short

2016 - 2017
BIGhART film mentor program – Director, Film Mentor

Worked with non-profit organization to document many of their programs. mentor young people in filmmaking, and create a variety of videos.


  • Directed short documentaries, video bios, factual videos for grant requirements, and featurettes

  • Assisted small groups in hands-on creation of their own video projects

Serial Daters Anonymous – Associate Producer

Sole repsonsibility for SAV [Screen Actor's Guild] compliance; and collaborated on casting and budget.


  • Liason between the production team, SAG, actors, and agents to negotiate fees and eligibility

  • Reviewed and adjusted script, contracts, and production schedule, created daily call sheets

  • Recorded and filed paperwork before, during, and after production to ensure film's SAV status

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