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LEGENDS OF TOMORROW versus the Modern Blockbuster

Piece for Clapper about how Legends of Tomorrow is taking risks, playing with genres and cliches, portraying complex relationships and a wide variety of people and believes and experience, and otherwise doing all the things we want but aren't getting in our blockbuster films.

IN NEWCASTLE TONIGHT   (coming soon)

I'm currently directing the best, most exciting variety show to emerge from the heart of Newcastle! 






Letterboxd - read my film reviews

Draft Zero - listen to my podcast episodes about writing for film

Phi and Me - watch the first season of this hilarious coming-of-age sitcom

Real Melbourne - watch the first two episodes of this anthology webseries

Our Voices - watch a short documentary by and about recent immigrants

Podcast interview - listen to me talk about my award-winning short film
The Apocalypse will be Automated

The Foundation

We are pleased to announce we have completed principle photography on THE FOUNDATION, a futuristic comedy web series from producer CJ Welsh, with DOP Mark Kenfield of Dreamsmiths, and starring Diana Nguyen of Phi and Me.


Also on board are Jack Nolan as lead VFX artist, Ed Yates with prosthetics and practical effects, and Meegan May as head writer.

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